About DC Service

DC Service Team

About DC Service

DC Service provides HVAC service to Long Island. DC Service is dedicated to providing Long Islanders with the joy of comfortable living. Whether its a small ductless or a giant central ac system, properly arranging and installing ac units is imperative. With our ability to custom design ac installations entirely around the home or business, DC Service is an ideal partner for creating an air conditioned environment.

About the Team

Dennis "Comfy Cool" Buckley

Dennis, pictured center above, is a founding principle of DC Service. Together with Charles, he began DC Service. He's quick to laugh and share a chuckle, but don't let his warm character, gentle tone and comfortable presence fool you. Behind his eyes lies a wisdom that only comes from years of teaching the laws of physics how to behave for his customers.

Some say he is the "Chuck Norris" of air conditioning. I don't know about that, but his work leave no question about his ability and passion to share "comfy cool" with his customers.

Charles "CJ" Laidlaw

Charles, pictured second from the left above, is the other founding principle of DC Service. Together with Dennis, he began DC Service. His attention to detail and focus shows in his work, which is of the highest quality and shows the pride he takes in his craft. Since he last smiled in a picture (1986?), he has refined his ac design and installation methods to a science.

If Dennis is the Chuck Norris of AC, then CJ is definitely its Terminator. A masterful technician, his understanding and execution will thrill you, just don't expect him to smile in the photo!

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