Best AC System for a Small Office?

The Mitsubishi MSZ-FH15NA is a great indoor unit. Paired with the appropriate outdoor unit, this model has a cooling capacity of 15,000 btus and a heating capacity of 18,000 btus. As such, it is an ideal model for use as a sole indoor unit in a small office or residential floor. We installed this in a small office in Huntington, New York, along with an outdoor unit, a wifi connector, an on-the-wall thermostat and a Honeywell Redlink Internet Gateway, as the customer requested. His system is now in place. His office is enjoying higher quality but less expensive air conditioning and he is thrilled.

Outstanding Features

Redlink Compatibility

The Redlink allows the owner to control the AC unit through a smart phone, like the iPhone. This is more than a modern luxury. It allows someone to change the temperature when they're away. In this instance, the customer needed this feature to ensure adequate cooling for his servers.

Hyper Heat

The Mitsubishi MSZ-FH15NA features hyper heat technology. This technology allows the device to heat to sub-zero temperatures at nearly full efficiency. This offers a tremendous advantage over older HVAC units that were inefficient below much higher temperatures.

High Efficiency

This indoor unit has an Energy Efficiency SEER Rating of 22. That's very efficient, especially when compared to central HVAC systems.

Heat Pump

We installed this system with the optional heat pump, which added the ability to heat to the system. This system is rated at 18,000 btus, which is powerful enough to be the sole heating solution for this customer's 400 square foot room. The allowed the customer to stop using the much more expensive electric baseboard heating.


This unit is less expensive than central ac systems, and is very affordable when compared to many ductless indoor units. However, for the size and features, this unit represents an outstanding value.



We liked this unit so much we added the installation to our Projects Section. Make sure to check it out. If you're familiar with the model, please leave a comment below.


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