Why DC Service

DC Service is dedicated to providing Long Islanders with the joyous experience of comfortable living. Whether its a small ductless or a giant central ac system, improving air quality and properly arranging installing the ac units is imperative. With our ability to design ac installations entirely around a site, DC Service is an ideal partner for creating an air conditioning environment.

DC Service clients get their air qualify improved to support their building's occupants, and air conditioning that's designed and installed to exceed their expectations

DC Service's designers and installers are:

  • Meticulous drafters
  • Attentive contractors
  • Expert professionals
  • AC specialists

DC Service began as two men's passion for air conditioning on Long Island. By using their experience as large scale air conditioning administrators and their passion for air conditioning, DC Service grew. By 2014, its team has refined its methods in response to increasing demand for better air quality and more efficient performance. Currently, its team has experience with ductless air conditioning that is unmatched by many HVAC companies.

The success of DC Service results from helping clients achieve their dreams, through genuine relationships built on service and reliability. We would like to do the same for you. Contact DC Service to find out what we can do for you.

WHY DC Service

DC Service has passionate professionals


We are comprised of successful professionals who have chosen ductless air conditioners as their passion. It stems from our love of making things incredibly, our passion for quality construction and our obsession to spread the joy of comfortable living with others.

DC Service has knowledgeable and experienced plumbers and electricians


With years of experience in design, residential and commercial ductless a/c installations, we are very focused on air conditioning. We have installed and serviced air conditioners for years and we learn from each session. We live air conditioning and design installation to enhance confort and convenience.

DC Service manages air conditioning installations


We design our garden around you and your building. We provide ongoing support and continually strive to improve your air conditioning experience. We understand that adding air conditioning is a process, not a project, and we are constantly developing more effective installation methods.

DC Service's Work


We understand that an air conditioning system must produce as good as it looks. With quality in mind, DC Service has proven its dedication to excellence in air conditioning. We invite you to review our portfolio and get acquainted with some of our work.

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